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Performax Physical Therapy

Performax Physical Therapy

1048 N. Monroe St. | Monroe, MI 48162

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Performax Physical Therapy offers a personalized hands-on approach to Physical and Occupational Therapy. Your evaluation and treatment will be performed in a comfortable friendly environment by a licensed therapist highly trained and experienced in manual techniques. Our goal is to help you “Get Back In The Game!”

We accept:
Blue Cross
Blue Cross Trust Network
Federal Blue Cross
Blue Care Network
B.W.C Ohio
Health Plan of Michigan
(Monroe only)
HumanaChoice P.P.O.Medicare
Medicare Blue
Medicare Advantage
Private Pay
Railroad Medicare
Smart Comp
Tech Health
Workers Compensation
Most all insurances accepted. Please call one of our facilities to confirm that your insurance is accepted.

Your treatment will consist of:
A thorough evaluation specific to your condition and an assessment of how it affects you as a whole.
An understandable explanation of your condition and what we will be doing to help you reach your full recovery potential.
A treatment plan specific to your needs including manual techniques, exercise, modalities (heat, ice, ultrasound, etc.) as needed.
A home exercise program to assist in the progression of your recovery.

About Us - Performax Physical Therapy
Performax Physical Therapy P.C. is a therapist owned private practice, which first opened in Flat Rock in 2002. Since then, Performax has opened facilities in Livonia and Monroe. The company’s philosophy is simple, to provide the very best care in a clean, comfortable, and friendly environment.

Physical Therapy - Performax Physical Therapy
Physical Therapists are licensed health care professionals who examine, evaluate, and treat individuals utilizing techniques to relieve pain, improve strength and mobility, and restore function. They also educate patients in prevention, health, and wellness.
At Performax Physical Therapy our therapists average 15 years of clinical experience and have completed extensive continuing education courses to stay current in the profession. We will implement a treatment program tailored to your condition and specific needs. Your treatment will always include manual techniques designed to facilitate your recovery.
Conditions typically seen in physical therapy:

Back pain
Neck pain
Muscle strains
Ligament sprains and tears
Most all post-surgical conditions
Balance disorders/Dizziness
Extremity swelling
Athletic related injuries

This is only a partial list of conditions. All that is required to begin therapy is a recent prescription from your physician. Call Performax Physical Therapy and we will help you “Get Back In The Game!”

Occupational therapy - Performax Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapists are licensed professionals who evaluated and treat a wide variety of conditions affecting the upper extremities. Their main focus is to maximize the patient’s quality of life by making the patient as independent as possible.
At Performax Physical Therapy our Occupational Therapists specialize in the rehabilitation of hand and upper extremity conditions. We provide patients with hands on treatment as well as custom splint fabrication as needed.
Conditions typically seen in occupational therapy:

Most all post-surgical conditions of the hand, wrist, and elbow
Fractures of the wrist, hand, and elbow
Accumulative trauma injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome
Tendon ruptures and repairs
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (R.S.D)
Loss of function due to stroke
Balance Disorders
This is only a partial list of conditions seen in occupational therapy. A prescription is required by your physician in order to be seen by the occupational therapist. Let the occupational therapists at Performax Physical Therapy help you get “Back In The Game!”

Vestibular Rehab - Performax Physical Therapy
Vestibular rehabilitation is offered at all three Performax clinics. Once you have a prescription from your physician you can call one of our offices for an evaluation. At that time, a licensed physical therapist will utilize specific tests to evaluate your condition and determine an appropriate plan of care.

Specific areas that will be evaluated are:
Gaze stabilization
Motion sensitivity
Any physical limitations

Vestibular Rehab - Performax Physical Therapy
Get Technical About Vestibular Rehabilitation

Performax offers Vestibular Rehabilitation by licensed Physical Therapists at all our clinics!