Blindness Resources: Guide for the Physically Blind

by Barbara Foster


Blindness is a medical condition that is categorized by poor visual perception. The American Medical Association has described blindness as visual accuity of 20/200 of worse while wearing a corrective lens. There are different levels of severity of blindness, ranging from visual impairments to total blindness. A person can be born without sight, or a loss of vision can occur with age. More than 285 million people on the planet are visually impaired, and most do not receive the help they need to get by in a number of day-to-day situations. A number of medical professionals have dedicated their lives to studying the eye and vision with the hopes of finding rehabilitation methods or cures to blindness. Many resources exist online to provide support, tips, and further information about blindness for those who are blind or visually impaired.


A List of Blindness Resources

Guide Dogs of the Desert Association

The Guide Dogs of the Desert organization explains what it means to be legally blind. The site also has a list of resources available for those looking to apply for a guide dog.

Guide to Visual Impairment and Blindness (PDF)

Sight Connection is a nonprofit vision rehabilitation agency that has compiled a list of helpful outlets and resources for legally blind people.

American Foundation for the Blind

The American Foundation for the Blind has been expanding the possibilities for people with vision loss for years and has put together a list of facts and resources for those people living with low vision.

National Library Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

The Library of Congress offers this nationwide program to lend out Braille and audio materials for free by mail.

Carroll Center for the Blind

The Carroll Center for the Blind provides a variety of services to blind people, including competitions and activities that bring the blind community together.

Resource Guide for People with Visual Impairments (PDF)

The Older Alabamians System of Information and Services offers this guide, which includes information on laws and assistance that can help the visually impaired.

Pennsylvania Association for the Blind

The Pennsylvania Association for the Blind provides clarity to users seeking information on blindness and blindness awareness.

Social Security for the Blind

Do you qualify for special treatment or disability due to blindness? Find out with this government resource brought to you by the Social Security Administration.

Vision Aware

This website provides emotional support and tips for everyday living and work life for those people living on their own with low vision or blindness.

Blind Handbook (PDF)

This handbook contains an overview of information, resources, and services for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Vision Loss Resources

Vision Loss Resources offer users a list of articles containing information on helpful rehabilitation programs for the blind.

Eye Care America (PDF)

This resource contains statistical information on blindness in America.

blindness resources

National Federation of the Blind Resources

This page provides readers with resources for the blind and guides on how to deal with all aspects of life, including living, working, learning, and playing.

National Eye Institute

Use this resource to learn more about eye health and the diseases that can cause damage to the eye and overall vision, brought to you by the National Eye Institute.

Living With Blindness (PDF)

Equip for Equality has compiled resources for those people who are living with physical disabilities, including blindness.

American Council of the Blind

The American Council of the Blind provides an outlet for those living with blindness to seek help and guidance.

Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults

This organization offers services nationwide to those who are both blind and deaf.

Disability Programs and Services

This government website allows users to search for resources for the visually impaired in their state.

Visual Impairment and Blindness

Parents of children with visual impairments or blindness can access this site to find information, support, and guidance.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Rights of the Blind

Those who are visually impaired and seeking a job can visit this site to learn more about their rights in the workplace.

Supplemental Security Income for Blind People

Learn more about what Social Security can do to provide financial assistance for a blind person.

Treatments for Blindness

Learn about the treatments for visual impairments and their prognoses on this page.

Resources for Parents

Family Connect is a resource for parents of blind or visually impaired children. Their site is a community for parents of blind children that provides information, guidance, and support.

Blinded Veterans Association

The Blinded Veterans Association acts as a support group that promotes the welfare of veterans who have been blinded in or as a result of combat.

National Camps for the Blind

National Camps for the Blind provides free camping excursions for blind children where they will play, learn, and socialize with children dealing with the same daily struggles.

Taxes for People with Disabilities

The IRS provides information on tax benefits for people who are blind.

Lodging for the Blind

The Americans with Disabilities Act has put together a list of qualifications a place of lodging must have to accommodate guests with visual disabilities.

Jobs for the Blind

National Industries for the Blind is dedicated to helping those with visual disabilities find jobs. Their website contains employment information for those seeking jobs as well as career advice and public policy resources.


Euroblind is a company that acts on behalf of blind and partially blind people in Europe.Their site contains resources, facts, and press publications that provide assistance to people who are blind.

Sibling Support

Visual impairments and other disabilities don't only affect one person in a family; this site focuses on the concerns of siblings and other family members.

Royal National Institute of Blind People

The Royal National Institute of Blind People is a website that provides support for those with any kind of visual disability, including information on volunteering and fundraisers.