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Franklin Rehabilitation at Innovative Health and Fitness

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We provide specialized rehabilitation services for people suffering with back and neck conditions, sports and work related injuries, neurological disorders and general orthopedic problems. People with these conditions are typically looking for experienced specialists who are uniquely qualified to solve simple and complex conditions involving the musculoskeletal and neurological systems.

Most people in need of physical therapy rehabilitation services, however, are unaware of the differences in the skill levels among physical therapists and how that lack of experience and advanced training can have a significant impact on the speed of their recovery and drastically increase the chances of their condition returning.


Because we take the time necessary to thoroughly evaluate the patient and identify the source of the problem. We do not choose a symptom management approach or utilize procedures with no scientific basis. We never have the patient do exercises in the clinic that they could easily do at home, but use the time in the clinic to provide one on one treatment designed to solve their problem.

Our therapists are experienced clinicians with advanced clinical competencies and expertise to solve even the most complex orthopedic or neurological condition. We utilize the most advanced, scientifically validated treatment options available in our problem oriented approach. This approach of combining research with clinical experience results in superior outcomes for our patients.

To assist our patients in making the best decision possible, we offer free Physical Therapy Guides, which contain all the questions you'll need to ask any therapist to make sure you're getting the most experienced and best trained therapist for your condition. Franklin Rehab strives to create an environment of optimal patient care. Our therapists have an average of 10 years of experience, and we believe the compassion and personal attention we provide make all the difference in our patient's results. In addition, we have continually upgraded our skills in accordance with the latest advances in medical science and are eager to provide you with a unique experience.

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Sharon E. Cole, PT
Sharon E. Cole, PT

"As a physical therapist, I am able to work with people who get better. I see changes in their bodies as people learn to move more efficiently along with decreasing pain and dysfunction. Making such life-improving changes is a huge accomplishment for everyone involved."
Bachelor of Science: Physical Therapy (magna cum laude),
Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

Member: American Physical Therapy Association
Advanced Education: Sports medicine, spinal mobilization and stabilization, work injuries, neuromuscular therapy, TMJ.

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Patrick S. Baron, MSPT
Patrick S. Baron, MSPT

"My first priority as a physical therapist is to make every patient fully understand the condition that is bothering them, as well as understanding the strategies that we can use to successfully resolve their condition. By performing a full biomechanical analysis, I can explain the underlying source of your pain and make you comfortable with our ability to reduce your pain now, while at the same time preventing future problems."

Education: Masters of Physical Therapy
Carroll College, Waukesha, WI

Advanced Training: Vestibular/dizziness specialist (2006 Herdman certified), Sports Medicine, Aquatic Therapy, Spinal manipulation, Custom foot orthotics, TMJ.

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Amy Renken, PT
Amy Renken, PT

"As a physical therapist, I have the pleasure of playing an integral part in improving people's lives. I help people get back to living life the way that life should be lived. I enjoy evaluating a person to determine the source of their problem, then correcting that problem through manual therapy skills and exercise. There is nothing more rewarding to me than being able to help a person return to playing or doing the activities they enjoy."

Bachelor of Science: Physical Therapy
Roselind Franklin University/The Chicago Medical School

Bachelor of Science: Psychology
Indiana University, Perdue University Indianapolis

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Jenny Riley, DPT
Jenny Riley, DPT

"I love to empower my patients to get better. Educating patients can help them take control of their own health and wellness. It feels great to help a person relieve their pain, improve their physical performance or just return to day to day function."

Bachelor of Kinesiology, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Carroll College, Waukesha, WI

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