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Katya Shubova Physical Therapy

Katya Shubova Physical Therapy

227 Mulberry St. NYC Gym | New York, NY 10012

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Katya Shubova grew up in Odessa, Ukraine. At age five she enrolled in a dance school to study classical and folk dance and at age seven in artistic (rhythmic) gymnastics which led to her becoming a competitive athlete well into her young adulthood. This experience marked the beginning of her fascination with the human body, which is what drew her into the field of Physical Therapy. When she relocated to New York, she majored in physical therapy at Stony Brook, SUNY and has been a therapist for nearly twenty years working with clients from birth through advanced adulthood.
As a result of her professional expertise, Katya became quite interested in studying the primary causes of diseases that, if left untreated, could become chronic, and in ways to prevent such diseases. She felt discouraged by a strictly western medical approach to health that only sought to manage pain but not heal it, and had continued to expand her knowledge of exercise physiology as well as the field of mind – body connection. As an expert practitioner of Vispassana meditation, yoga and Qi Gong, ancient healing techniques that balance vital energy, she began to conduct studies about the powerful link between a tranquil mind and the healing potential it releases into the body. She is now helping her clients reach their goals of ultimate health and happy living by incorporating these practices in her treatment and coaching sessions.
Katya has a vast experience in working with clients of all ages, from zero to a hundred and up. She has helped new born and premature babies to catch up with their peers’ development and go exceed those standards. She enables her more mature clients to stay fit and healthy regardless of their age.
Nutrition plays a major role in Katya’s approach to health coaching. She has a vast knowledge of supplements and herbal remedies. Instead of relying on multivitamins, Katya believes that each body has its own specific nutritional requirements, and teaches her clients how to adopt healthy eating habits. Katya assesses supplemental need by factoring diet, age, gender, fitness level, symptoms, sleep pattern and emotional states.
Katya’s greatest satisfaction comes from seeing her clients’ success. She is 100% committed to her clients by designing a program that works, and by making adjustments when necessary. She is their coach, there to help them manage their condition and to motivate changes for continual health improvement.